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I’ve been working in information technology since the 1980s and have provided consultancy and advisory services in information risk and cybersecurity for the past 25 years. I am passionate about helping people and organisations thrive using technology safely, securely and confidently. I can help you with coaching, mentoring, ad hoc advice and strategic direction. Short-term, high intensity or long-term low intensity, whatever works best for you.


Mohini Patel, Security Consultant

Oscar has been a tremendous mentor to me, always been someone to look up too and has played a very crucial role in my career progression to which I will always be grateful for.

Rory Yates, Strategy Consultant

Oscar’s a natural born story-teller, he brings to life the challenges, opportunities, solutions and human context to cyber, security, enterprise scale technology and operating in the new working model – to continue to evolve business and technology in tandem. Story-telling is a skill that I passionately believe is essential in today’s world, where ambiguity can be high having someone paint the picture or the path forward in a compelling and clear way can be the difference between success and failure. And I enjoyed doing this with him and learning along the way too.

Duncan Smith, Security Architect

Oscar embodies the incredibly rare gift of ‘acting with integrity in everything he does”. This cements his position as both a thoroughly respected industry professional and natural leader of people.

David Hughes, Senior Security Consultant

You’ve been an inspiration showing me and others the gravitas required for a truly professional CISO. Your direction and focus have been crystal clear. I’ve also been heartened by your humanity with respect to the team. You are a great leader in taking security strategy forward and ensuring the needs of our customers are met securely. A true privilege to see you in action.

Bob Devall, Head of Programme Management

Oscar’s incisive mind, allied to his wide range of experience, enables him to bring both scientific and practical viewpoints to any assignment he is faced with. This is without doubt a valuable combination of skills, which is still rare in today’s IT Services Marketplace.

Kevin Moir, Head of Projects

Oscar’s strength of character, responsiveness, strong positive can do attitude and extensive experience in professional services combines with providing the best possible service to continually grow our relationship. He is an individual always open and available to provide advice and support.

Gareth Thomas, Managing Director

Oscar understood from the outset that like all small companies we are a busy organisation and we do not have a lot of free resource to spend time on this activity. He worked well with myself, the Head of IT and the HR Director to deliver the results. He was highly practical and showed an excellent working knowledge his subject area and how it applied to us and what we do.

He also took the time to simplify the process for us. We understood what we had to do and why and equally importantly, what we didn’t have to do.

Amy Anderson, GRC Specialist & Mentee

Oscar is not only a highly experienced, service oriented individual, he is an even better mentor and colleague. With Oscar’s guidance and expertise, I’ve been able to sustainability develop working practices in a way that’s tailored to my organisation and I’ve had the opportunity to learn from a great mind in industry along the way.

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  • a mentor for your rising stars?
  • a speaker for a corporate or team-building event?
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Oscar O’Connor

Cybersecurity Philosopher, Coach, Mentor, Speaker and Writer



After more than 30 years working in cybersecurity I have a passion for ensuring customers get the most out of the technology they invest in. I’ll help your organisation by helping coach, mentor and guide your leaders, managers and rising stars to perform better, to see the bigger picture and drive excellence across your teams.

  • Fellow of the British Computer Society
  • Professional Member of the Chartered Institute of Information Security
  • Charted Engineer
  • Chartered IT Professional
  • Fellow of the RSA
  • Certified Information Security Manager 
  • Certified Data Privacy Solutions Engineer

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