Who am I?

Oscar O’Connor is an internationally recognised expert in information security and resilience, working with clients to deliver value from their investments in technology in general and cybersecurity in particular. Let him help you turn your technology and cybersecurity aspirations into tangible benefits for you, your team, your organisation and the communities you inhabit and serve. After more than 30 years working in information technology and (cyber) security Oscar has a passion for ensuring customers get what they need from the technology products and services they invest so heavily in.

Customers should be entitled to expect systems and services to be secure, resilient and should have performance, sustainability, security and privacy designed in from the earliest concept stages. Published on business continuity, risk management and cyber security and a seasoned speaker at conferences and seminars on the international stage, Oscar has also worked on customer locations in England, Scotland, Ireland, Denmark, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Turkey, Dubai and the United States, and remotely for clients in China, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong. Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates

Oscar O’Connor

Founder & Cybersecurity Expert

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